To You Who is Struggling

You’re not alone
Everyone is struggling, struggling to survive, struggling to achieve the dreams, and struggling to fight with problems and difficulties that faced
If you’re tired, hopeless, uninspired and even fail, make them become your greatest motivation to get up and keep going. REMEMBER, You are not alone.

Q.S Al Hadid : 4
He is with you whereever you are. And Allah, of what you do, is Seeing.

Struggling isn’t always smooth. There will be gravel and even big stones but one thing that must be remembered “there is always a way for every obstacles“. Dont waste 24 hours that Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala give. If you have a dream try to start right now. If not now, when? If not you, who?
Although struggling is exhausted, troblesome, burdensome and even jerky but remember your patient will create sweet results.

Q.S Al Imraan : 200
O believers! Patiently endure, persevere, stand on guard, and be mindful of Allah so you may be successful.

“Hardworking is a key to be success because success doesn’t come for idler”.



YOU’re the Strongest Person

You are someone who always have never lost your sweet smile,
you are someone who always excited in every step of your way,
you are someone who always bring bright color for everyone around you,
you are someone who give positive energy,
and you are someone who always spread the kindness and joy.
“Are you truly Okay?”
or vice-versa
You are someone who can stare around you with sad gaze. You are someone who are not longer intact. You are the one who needs to say …
“Are you Okay?”, “Do you need me?”, or “Take it easy, everything will be fine.”
You are someone who suffer the most, the one is the most hurt because pretending to be happy, the one who really need love, someone who are always alone and staring at the empty world.
In other words….
You are actually someone who chooses to keep each of your problems in your heart or who wants to challange yourself how strong you are to survive and find a way out or who doesn’t want other people to worry about you or who laughs to hide your sadness.

Whatever and whoever you are, You are the strongest person. Because you can be able to restrain your feelings and keep it alone.



Bonjour à Tous

This Morning….


Take your breath deeply,
Be grateful since you're still given pleasure,
The pleasure of breathing in the morning air,
The pleasure, you can see loved one,
Surely, the pleasure to knell and raise both hands, 

This Morning...
Let's straighten out the intention,
Focus on what you have been planned,
Take positive things
Avoid people's words which make you discourage,
Don't forget to involve Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala 
in every activities and situations,

This Morning...
No more procrastinating dreams,
No more doubts and fears.
No more selfishness and resentment,
Begin to encourage yourself.
Begin to appreciate and understand,
Begin to write stunning stories in a whole life.



“Cover Your Ears”

Have you ever been in a condition where people around you continually criticized you?

“Hey, you’re getting fatter now”

“Hey, you look old-fashion wearing that kind of dress”

“Hey, look! Your face is too pallid what beauty product do you apply”

“Hey, you suitable to use this one, this one, this one, and this one”

“Blah… Blah… Blah…”

Those will be normal thing, if those are conveyed occasionally. Then how if those kind of words convey couple of times. Are those normal things?

What shoud be done?

If you’re in those kind of situations, the thing you must do is “COVER YOUR EARS POLITELY”. It doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate them. It doesn’t mean you don’t respect them. It doesn’t mean you don’t acknowledge them. It is because you can never be controlled by them. Only you know the best about your circumstances. You might be sad and hurt but REMEMBER “Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala gives everything in you at the best level and portion”. Never be angry, upset and even discourage with their troublesome. They haven’t just known how to praise you.
Cover your ears and go one step further,
Cover your ears and prove it to them,
Cover your ears and smile at them,

One thing you need to realize that they want you get your best and don’t hate them. Keep smiling in as much as your existence still has a lot of influence around you. Don’t be afraid, if they are still nagging. You are the only one who understand your heart well. Dont avenge the ugliness with ugliness.

As the word of Ali bin Abi Thalib Radhiyallahu’anhu:




For My Dearest Ibu

Dear Ibu,

Thank you for giving me birth,
Thank you for taking care of me,
Thank you for protecting me,
Thank you for teaching me many things,
Thank you for forgiving all of my mistakes,
Thank you for all of the prayers,


I know…

I complain a lot,

I’m demanding,

I’m annoying,

I often hurt you,

I often say rude,


Why do you always smile with everything I’ve done?


Teaching me to be a tough woman,

Teaching me to be a gentle and loving woman,


Even though your body isn’t as strong as it used to be,

Your hair has turned gray,

One thing is certain,

You still struggle to support me,


In your old days,

I will always kiss you,

as a thanks for being patient in raising me.

I wish I could take care of you,

like you care for me in my childhood


Your love will always be in my heart,

Thank you for everything



My Really First Kpop Concert

Firstly, let say “I’m not KPOPers, honestly!”

I want to share my really first experience watching Kpop Concert. Actually there’s nothing special but I just wanna share it. On July or August – I forgot exactly – I read an article accidentally about one of Korean boygroups that would come to Indonesia. Finally, WINNER was one of Korean boygroups that would come to Indonesia. I was freaking excited because I waited them for a long time. Directly, I decided to watch them. FYI, Winner is one of boygroups from YG Entertainment consisting of Song Mino, Kim Jinwo, Lee Seunghoon and Kang Seungyoon. Their first debut was on August 2014. Then, one of their popular songs is Really Really. Without thinking again, I looked for ticketing service on social media and after the price list came out I bought the cheapest ticket. I bought Purple Seat. On November 17, 2018 was the show time. I could no longer hide my joy at that time. I prepared the accommodation even the dresscode long before. At the time, I could not wait to watch their live performance. This was my ticket.


What I feel

I came to the venue about an hour before open gate. Why? Because I had to take the ticket first. As expected, there were many Winner’s fan who were usually called Inner Circle waiting to enter the venue. Most of them wore blue dress and hold the lightstick. Seeing their euphoria I was getting impatient to enter the venue although it was an hour late. After entering the venue, I’m freaking freaking freaking exciting because they (inner circles) were so crazy following the song that was played. Although the concert had not been started yet, only the video was playing. But they had been exciting and I had been too. In short, during the concert I couldn’t hold back my excitement. I shouted very loudly and sang their songs. Even I didn’t want to record them because I just wanna to enjoy and memorize everything on my mind. That night was absolutely crazy. It was difficult to move on after the concert ended. This was the view during concert.


The Reason

There is no specific reason why I decided to watch a concert. Indeed, from the beginning I had the desire to watch the concert, I wanted to come to feel the euphoria. Why is Winner? Winner of one of the Korean boy groups that has a unique musical style. I like them because of their unique musical style not because they are handsome or others. This is surely because of their music. Their music style is highly fitted in me. Maybe this will be my first and last concert I’ve watched.