For My Dearest Ibu

Dear Ibu,

Thank you for giving me birth,
Thank you for taking care of me,
Thank you for protecting me,
Thank you for teaching me many things,
Thank you for forgiving all of my mistakes,
Thank you for all of the prayers,

I know…
I complain a lot,
I’m demanding,
I’m annoying,
I often hurt you,
I often say rude,

Why do you always smile with everything I’ve done?

Teaching me to be a tough woman,
Teaching me to be a gentle and loving woman,


Even though your body isn’t as strong as it used to be,
Your hair has turned gray,
One thing is certain,
You still struggle to support me,


In your old days,
I will always kiss you,
as a thanks for being patient in raising me.
I wish I could take care of you,
like you care of me in my childhood


Your love will always be in my heart,
Thank you for everything


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