YOU’re the Strongest Person

You are someone who always have never lost your sweet smile,
you are someone who always excited in every step of your way,
you are someone who always bring bright color for everyone around you,
you are someone who give positive energy,
and you are someone who always spread the kindness and joy.
“Are you truly Okay?”
or vice-versa
You are someone who can stare around you with sad gaze. You are someone who are not longer intact. You are the one who needs to say …
“Are you Okay?”, “Do you need me?”, or “Take it easy, everything will be fine.”
You are someone who suffer the most, the one is the most hurt because pretending to be happy, the one who really need love, someone who are always alone and staring at the empty world.
In other words….
You are actually someone who chooses to keep each of your problems in your heart or who wants to challange yourself how strong you are to survive and find a way out or who doesn’t want other people to worry about you or who laughs to hide your sadness.

Whatever and whoever you are, You are the strongest person. Because you can be able to restrain your feelings and keep it alone.


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