Simple Ways to Relieve Stress

In the last few months, there have been many activities that I have to do. These activities cause not only physical exhaustion but also mind exhaustion. As usual I always encounter with challenges and problems that must be faced such as completing works that is piled up, facing people with different characters, targets that have not been achieved and many more. Normally people work 7-8 hours per day but I can do more than that lately. Even when I arrived at home I was haunted by work still. To be honest, I want to ignore it but I can’t since I realize it is part of the responsibility that must be carried out.

In the past a month I felt that I was really stressed and depressed due to the many things I thought about. It may be because of my inability to face the burden and the pressure of life. Alhamdulillah, I’m still within normal limits. I begin to think how I can relieve this stress and depress feeling. I start looking for ways to relieve this but I don’t have much free time. Commonly people will suggest a vacation, a powerful way to relieve stress and depress feeling. Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to travel. Then, I thought, for a moment, how to relieve stress and depress feeling with limited free time. Below I’ll share my experience about simple ways to relieve stress and depress feeling.

3 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress:

  1. Tasbih Fatimiyyah

Tasbih Fatimiyyah is mostly the Zikir where we say

Subhan’Allah 33x

Alhamdulillah 33x, and

Allahu’akhbar 34x

Commonly we only recite Zikir after prayer but if you are incredibly exhausted and depressed you must do zikir a couple times such as before sleeping, while driving, even when you are working you can zikir in your heart. It works really well, you’ll feel comfort and calm. There is a beautiful story behind tasbih fatimiyyah too. A daughter of Rasulullah SAW, Sayyidah Fatimah RA was a hard-working woman. She carried so much water with water bag that the water bag strap sticks to her body, she worked a lot to grind wheat with a hand so that her hand blistered, she swept and cleaned the house so that her clothes were dirty, and she cooked in front of the pot so that her clothes were black. The story went on, Rasulullah SAW came to their house, Sayyidah Fatimah RA and Sayyidina Ali RA. Rasulullah said “Do you not want if I teach you something better than a maid? When you’ll sleep, say Allahu Akbar 34 times, Alhamdulillah 33 times and Subhanallah 33 times.” If you want to read a complete story you can browse on Google or you can watch Aida Azlin last video on Youtube. She talks about Tasbih Fatimiyyah.

  1. Clean and Rearrange Your Bedroom

Regularly, we’ll spend on third of our life in the bedroom. Thus we must change our bedroom into a comfortable and pleasant place to take a rest. In spite of the limitation of sleep, the bedroom is able to be as much as possible to relieve our stress. Remember, we don’t need to waste your money to relieve stress.

We are just doing simple things, cleaning and rearrange our bedroom. Because we don’t have so much free time and work piles up, surely our room fall apart, books are scattered on the bed and clothes scattered on the bed too. A messy room will make us more stressful. Contrarily, a clean and tidy room can be a suitable place to relieve our fatigue and stress. We should clean and rearrange the bedroom regularly. When our bedroom is clean and comfortable we will be someone who is more productive. We can also put flowers and freshman with aroma therapy in our bedroom.

  1. Hangout with Your Close Friend

After graduating, we may only have a little time to hangout with our close friends. We’ll be busy with looking for a work or preoccupied with many works that pile up. However, if we have a little free time try to contact them and invite them to meet. When we meet friends who have not met for a long time, we can tell our stories and also to build togetherness and establish friendship in a real way rather than just “talking” through cellphones screen.

Don’t assume that gathering and talking with friends is a useless thing. We have to know that by talking casually, it means that the familiarity is being built. Hanging out with friends is the same as maintaining good friendship (silaturahmi). I once read an article which mentioned that silaturahmi is a good for mental health. Someone who often interacts with other will be healthier. Allah SWT created human being as social beings so that in our life must have help others. Therefore, silaturahmi is stress medicine that very effective if it is based on sincere intentions and hopes for mercy from Allah SWT.


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