Voice of Heart

This pict was taken at 02/04/19

I can just be quite,
I can just hold back from morning until the sun doesn’t shine anymore,
I don’t know how long I remember you,
I don’t know how long I have to hold my longings to call your name,

The days are cold, quite, a little windy
I pull the blanket and close my eyes
That is futile
My brain still works
remembering past memories
sitting in front of the porch until the moonlight gets brighter,
having a good meal just two of us,
chatting with you every single day,
talking in a phone until fall asleep,

I realized,
You are not here with me
I lost your heart, it hurts me a lot
You had ever come again in moment
Then you were gone in a blink

Hey You….
I miss your smile. I miss your voice
I miss when you call me first,
if there’s something happen
Loving someone like you can never be wrong.


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