Proud to be Myself

Mark Manson said “The problems never stop; they only come and go and/ or increase. That’s exactly what I think but I prefer the word “challenge” to “problem”. It’s undeniable that life is just a series of challenges that are alternating and must be faced.

That’s me for almost last 2 years. There are always many challenges which I have to face every day. When a challenge has been resolved well it will be another challenge emerge and so on. Tired? Absolutely!

At first it’s too difficult to accept it and crying would be the only outlet. As time went by I realized that challenges made me more care for others, more patient and certainly happier. The challenges shaped me to become more mature.

Here I just wanna say that everyone has their own challenges. Don’t think that when they look happy, they are truly happy. You need to know that to be happy we need a challenge, a challenge which must be conquered. Happiness is something which must be fight for not something which is secretly given to us. Happiness is a process as well as conquering a challenge is a process too.

The conclusion is that basically life is a new challenge to keep us active and feel better. The more persistent and competent, the more we enjoy the challenges. If the challenges are of the right size, we continue to conquer the challenge. Instead of avoiding challenges, let’s jump into them. Beat them! Enjoy the game! If the challenges are too big or too much, don’t give up!

How big and how many challenges which I have to face, I just wanna say “Proud to be Myself”

Allah SWTT does not promise a day without pain, laughter without sadness, sun without rain, but Allah SWT promises strength for that day, comfort for tears, and light for the path.


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