Bonjour à Tous

This Morning…. Take your breath deeply, Be grateful since you’re still given pleasure, The pleasure of breathing in the morning air, The pleasure, you can see loved one, Surely, the pleasure to knell and raise both hands, This Morning… Let’s straighten out the intention, Focus on what you have been planned, Take positive things AvoidLanjutkan membaca “Bonjour à Tous”

For My Dearest Ibu

Dear Ibu, Thank you for giving me birth,Thank you for taking care of me,Thank you for protecting me,Thank you for teaching me many things,Thank you for forgiving all of my mistakes,Thank you for all of the prayers, Ibu,I know…I complain a lot,I’m demanding,I’m annoying,I often hurt you,I often say rude, But…Why do you always smileLanjutkan membaca “For My Dearest Ibu”

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