To You Who is Struggling

You’re not alone Everyone is struggling, struggling to survive, struggling to achieve the dreams, and struggling to fight with problems and difficulties that faced If you’re tired, hopeless, uninspired and even fail, make them become your greatest motivation to get up and keep going. REMEMBER, You are not alone. Q.S Al Hadid : 4 HeLanjutkan membaca “To You Who is Struggling”

YOU’re the Strongest Person

You are someone who always have never lost your sweet smile, you are someone who always excited in every step of your way, you are someone who always bring bright color for everyone around you, you are someone who give positive energy, and you are someone who always spread the kindness and joy. “Are youLanjutkan membaca “YOU’re the Strongest Person”

Bonjour à Tous

This Morning…. Take your breath deeply, Be grateful since you’re still given pleasure, The pleasure of breathing in the morning air, The pleasure, you can see loved one, Surely, the pleasure to knell and raise both hands, This Morning… Let’s straighten out the intention, Focus on what you have been planned, Take positive things AvoidLanjutkan membaca “Bonjour à Tous”

“Cover Your Ears”

Have you ever been in a condition where people around you continually criticized you? “Hey, you’re getting fatter now”“Hey, you look old-fashion wearing that kind of dress”“Hey, look! Your face is too pallid what beauty product do you apply”“Hey, you suitable to use this one, this one, this one, and this one”“Blah… Blah… Blah…” ThoseLanjutkan membaca ““Cover Your Ears””

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